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Brand Namedesc
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Active Ingredient(s) Therapeutic Segment
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Pack Details
METH OD-10 Methylphenidate HCl extended release tablets 10mg Cerebral Activators Pack : 10 Tab
MEREX-500 5ml Methotrexate Hematology 5ml Vial
MEREX-1000 10ml Methotrexate Hematology 10ml Vial
MEPRESSO-D 80MG Methylprednisolone acetate 80mg Corticosteroids Pack : 2ml Inj
MEPRESSO-D 40MG Methylprednisolone acetate 40mg Corticosteroids Pack : 1ml Inj
MEPRESSO T-8 Methylprednisolone 8mg Corticosteroids Pack : 10 Tab
MEPRESSO T-4 Methylprednisolone 4mg Corticosteroids Pack : 10 Tab
MEPRESSO T-16 Methylprednisolone 16mg Corticosteroids Pack : 10 Tab
MEPRESSO INJ.-500 Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate 500mg Corticosteroids Pack : 1 Inj
MEPRESSO INJ.-40 Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate 40mg Corticosteroids Pack : 1 Inj

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