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LOOZ 450ML Lactulose 3.325gm/5ml Laxatives Pack : 450ml Solution
LOOZ SPRINKLES Lactulose 80g Powder Laxatives Pack : 80gm PWD.
LOPARIN-20 Enoxaparin 20mg Anti Coagulants Pack : 0.2ml Inj
LOPARIN-40 Enoxaparin 40mg Anti Coagulants Pack : 0.4ml Inj
LOPARIN-60 Enoxaparin 60mg Anti Coagulants Pack : 0.6ml Inj
LOPARIN-80 Enoxaparin 80mg Anti Coagulants Pack : 0.8ml Inj
LOPEZ INJ. Lorazepam 2mg/ml Anxiolytics Pack : 2ml Inj
LOPEZ-1 Lorazepam 1mg Anxiolytics Pack : 10 Tab
LOPEZ-2 Lorazepam 2mg Anxiolytics Pack : 10 Tab
LOSARTAS-100 Losartan potassium 100mg Anti Hypertensives Pack : 10 Tab

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