Cell Line Development Laboratory (CDL)

  • State of the art Cell Line Development Laboratory (CDL) supports all Early Stage product development initiatives. This laboratory has the capability of cell line development for biotherapeutics with bioreactor suitability testing up to 5L scale. The laboratory houses state of the art molecular biology and cell culture suits under classified area for cell line development of both bacterial and mammalian systems. With the access to multiple mammalian and bacterial protein expression platforms CDL has developed in-house cell lines for mAbs as well as other microbial and mammalian cell culture biotherapeutics that are at preclinical and clinical development stages. CDL has also the capability in Cell Bank Management with activities like Research Cell Bank preparation and characterization, MCB/WCB storage, maintenance and characterization as per ICH guidelines.
  • As a long term goal the laboratory has strong interest to embark upon the next generation platform technologies such as Bispecific antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugate.
  • The laboratory is supported by modern instrumentations such as PCR/QPCR, CO2 incubators, CO2 shaker incubators, Biosafety Hoods, Bioreactors of various configurations, Cell Counter, Biochemical Analyzer, Gel Doc System, Microscopes, walkthrough -4°C cold room, LN2 storage systems and other low temperature freezers (-80°C, -20°C).